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The Future is Micromobility

Micromobility is revolutionizing the way we work, move and play. The demand for affordable, clean, fun, and easy to maintain is only growing. Driven is poised to fulfill that need with the Orbit Drive. Like the leap between the invention of the automobile and the Model T, Driven is not the first company to develop an e-bike or stepless transmission (eCVT), but we have developed the natural evolution of the technology to the e-bike that opens the door to expanding the micromobility segment as a whole.

Rider on the shaft drive orbit drive

Press from Eurobike

“This all-in-one gearbox ebike motor is going to change how drivetrains work and you have to see it in action.” Icebike

“…it is clear that this innovation has the potential to revolutionize the way we ride electric bikes.”

“…the system is bang on trend” Cycling Electric

“The maintenance-free nature of the system will likely appeal to riders and brands alike..” Bike Radar

Director of Engineering Ryan Norris shows the Driven Orbit Drive at Eurobike 2023

The working Orbit Drive at Eurobike

Why Micromobility is the Future:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Enabling movement and exercise for all
  • Reducing short car trips, in 2021 52% of all trips were less than 3 miles, fewer cars encourages people first infrastructure
  • Tax Incentives
  • Fun and Enjoyment
Front view of the Driven Technologies Orbit Drive Core

What Makes the Orbit Drive Different: 

  • Bevel Variable Planetary Gearset. 
    1. The bevel differential planetary gear is a robust and proven technology with decades of development behind it.
    2. The bevel gear allows Driven to fully take advantage of the space constraints of a bicycle mid-drive. With standard cylindrical gears, there are practical limits on the maximum size that can be achieved in an e-bike. With bevel gears, we are able to use the space in the mid-drive more efficiently while maintaining a larger more reliable gear tooth size.
  • Torque and Cadence sensing via the motors.
    1. Our patent pending approach to torque and cadence sensing takes industrial methods and uses it for the first time in a consumer e-bike.
    2. Our method uses the current draw and speed of the dual motor system to calculate cadence and rider torque and allows us to remove the bulky and expensive torque sensor.
  • Efficiency. 
    1. Planetary gearsets have been tested and proven to have higher efficiency than discrete, idling gearing.
    2. With modern manufacturing techniques, bevel sets are able to achieve the same efficiency as cylindrical gears.
  • Instant and Stepless gear ratios. 
    1. Instant shifting under load when using ‘Manual’ mode.
    2. Stepless transmission mode automatically selects the optimal ratio using feedback from both motors.