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Proven Technology – New Advancements

Driven combines and builds on the last 20 years of hybrid vehicle innovations and over 100 years of bevel differentials by putting a differential planetary system at the mid-drive of an e-bike. This differential allows for two inputs (a rider and electric power), to combine into one output that drives the back wheel.

The Anatomy of an eCVT

An electronic continuously variable transmission (eCVT), takes power from the rider and modulates it with an electric motor to adjust and provide a consistent output gear ratio. And with our secondary motor, we are able to and an additional assistance thereby enabling anyone to ride on any road.

The Heart of the Orbit Drive is the bevel differential core gearing.

Power Transfer to the Wheel

We have developed the Orbit Drive to be flexible in it’s driveline configuration. We have designed and built units with both shaft drives as well as flexible power transmission like chains and belts.


The only limit to the Orbit Drive’s size is the crank size and crank interface. This allows the Orbit Drive to be accommodated into limitless end configurations, all completely enclosed and fully protected.

“The Driven concept could change the cycling world forever”

Rider Features

  • Pedal assist e-bike.  
  • Manual gear selection or Fully Automatic.   
  • Lighter weight than most of the cobbled-together drive systems on the market. 
  • Near zero-maintenance for 10,000 miles.  
  • Durable – no derailleurs to damage, no chains to lubricate.  
  • Up to 20% more battery range than existing e-bikes.  
  • No exposed parts.  
  • More aerodynamic than current drive systems.

Added Features for e-bike Manufacturers.

  • Aggressive price point at wholesale.
  • No more cobbling together a gearset, motors, and power-to-wheel components. Driven is a complete solution.
  • Built-to-order. Driven can accommodate most bolt patterns for existing frames.
  • Fewer parts. Driven’s bevel differential gearsets have half the number of parts of discrete gearing solutions.
  • Our torque and cadence sensing is built into the motor controls (patented) – so bring your own user interface or use any off-the-shelf solution.
  • Maintenance costs are a fraction of current costs.

Comprehensive Patent Portfolio

Awarded Patents:

  1. Gear comprised of bearings (instead of teeth) that is multispeed
  2. Shifting mechanism within a shaft drive that uses a torque de-coupler

Provisional Patents:

(researched and written via Kilpatrick Townsend LLP – high probability of being awarded ):

  1. The use of motor control logic algorithms to replace torque and cadence sensors.
  2. A roller that is not constrained (floating) is pinched between two
    opposing gear teeth (limited to bicycles)
  3. Variable, bevel planetary gear for electronic-assist drivetrain systems in mobility (‘Intent to Grant’ letter received from first European patent office)